the Big Q – who am I ?

I’m Fiona & here’s my alternative photo biography

Additional Information

There You Go – A Camera Toting, Gin Queen, who’s a Claret Mad, Dalmatian Loving, Music Buff, with a serious Addiction to Travel & Coffee.

I’ve always admired good storytelling; images are no different. My forte is a fusion of Environmental Portraiture, Editorial & Documentary Photography.

Today it seems anyone can pick up a camera and call themselves a photographer. For me, it so much more than that, requiring technical aptitude, an eye for detail and creative flair to succeed as a professional. These I have in abundance combined with effective client management and a high degree of professionalism.

Qualified – City & Guilds Levels 1-3 receiving the highest accolade for each level, more recently I’ve successfully completed a BA Hons in Photography.

Experienced – I’ve been taking photographs for over 25 years, starting out when film was king. Today, I mainly work with digital, though do still on occasion turn my hand back to film.  

Photography Style –  is unique to me, avoiding the often cliched and repetitive work of the masses, with me producing exclusive and individually tailored projects for discerning clients.

That’s All for now Folks – Like the Style – Give me a tAp via the Contacts Page