Submission Week

As far as blogs go, this has been the bane of my life and not an enjoyable part of the curriculum. Quite frankly I’ve found it a pointless exercise and really have not understood the need for it – adding reflections here is repeating a process and time is to valuable in my opinion for that. So to say the least, this aspect has been well and truly neglected, though will add not the rest of the work required for the L6 module.

As far as the essay goes – its on track with version 3, which requires a couple of proof reads to correct mistakes and amend text I’ve previously highlighted as requiring additional thought.

Overall, this is module I have struggled with, my back ground is technical, including converting technical manuals into easy read for users of the systems I’d previously installed. Therefore, reading and writing in academic jargon is to say the least frustrating, with me often considering elements of ‘these writers’ work as pompous and over bearing. I won’t say any more !!

My final comments on blogging are – I have better things to do with my time which does not include providing inane ramblings for overs to read.

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