Reflection on Annotated Bibliography Research & Source Evaluation

Really struggling with this aspect – writing a blog – it is not my forte and one I’m struggling to come to grips with and provide regular updates. It’s not that I’m not logging information – I am but the old fashioned way of penned notes, bookmarking relevant sites and research results.

I have found the last 5 weeks tough, round trips of 80 plus miles a day supporting my sister not helping the situation. The impact, limiting time available for this element of the semester – The Annotated Bibliography.

Of all aspects of this Degree, it is the Cultures element I found the hardest to deal with. Mainly my own perspective of critics and artists alike – in my opinion its the often ostentatious nature in which they review / write articles. My background is technical, report writing detailing the facts nothing more, therefore, this has been really difficult to get to grips with. At the end of the day no matter how much they have studied, written about or undertaken work – its just an opinion – its not fact. Taking it back to the start – the first piece of critical writing likely had no precedent to adhere to so who did they quote and reference.

StudyNet does not help the situation being one of the most ill thought out portals I’ve come across – researching work (even with the tutorials and a full article name) is difficult and nonsensical at times with the results. Therefore, I prefer other applications like Google Scholar, the down side to this and as I have found with many papers of interest is I’ve to pay to read them in full.

This has made researching material for the annotated bibliography difficult and beggars belief why are we only just being in introduced to this concept now – as we come to the end of the course!

As with past semesters, I’m aware of the need to competently assess and provide relevant information in support of the annotated bibliography and essay. However, it does not mean I have to agree with or even like it.

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