Reflecting on the Process leading to Identifying Potential Themes

At first glance I didn’t think the L5 essay had left many options for the progression for L6. However, having re-read the essay and digested my thoughts it has shown avenues open to pursue.

The original L5 essay was titled “The Changing Face of Street Photography” with it being considered as Exploitive or Respectful. This along with consideration to my own creative and professional practices led to the following potential options:

‘Is Street Photography the New Documentary‘

‘The Fundamental Issues of Unethical Values and Photo Manipulation within Modern Day Photography’

‘Modern Day Technology – The Lost Images of a Smartphone Generation’ 

Further discussions with Alessandra and fellow cohorts is clearly leading towards the path of Street Photography v Documentary.

From a professional aspect they clearly relate to my own creative practices within the Editorial, Documentary and Environmental Portraiture, with me also pursuing elements of Street Photography through events I attend and participate in, including 1940’s, Festivals, Sporting Trails to name a few.

Following this route with the essay also supports my Degree Major Project, pertaining to documenting subjects dealing with the adverse effects of Equality, Health & Social Care. As with the many facets of work I undertake, professional, study or personally my goals are the same – that of achieve /producing  quality work of a very high standard befitting who I see myself.

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